Interest Rate Modelling

Kienitz, J. and Caspers, P.

Interest Rates Explained – Volume 2, Models

in preparation (with Palgrave McMillan)

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Kienitz, J.

Interest Rates Explained – Volume 1, Products and Markets

Palgrave McMillan, December 2014

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Programming and Financial Derivatives

J. Kienitz and D. Wetterau

Financial Modelling

Theory, Practice and Implementation with Matlab source

Wiley, October 2012

Buchcover Jörg Kienitz & Daniel Wetterau: financial Modelling - MATLAB
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D. Duffy and J. Kienitz

Monte Carlo Frameworks

Building High Performance Applications in C++

Wiley, September 2009

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Book Chapters

Novel Mathematics inspired by Industrial Challenges

Kienitz, J., T. A. McWalter, R. Rudd, E. Platen,  “Quantization Methods for Stochastic Differential Equations“, Springer 3, 2022, article, book link

Novel Methods in Computational Finance

Kienitz, J. “Negative Rates – New Market Practice”
Springer 2017, article, book linkdownload

Novel Methods in Computational Finance

Kienitz, J., McWalter T., Sheppard, R.,“PDE Methods for SABR”
Springer 2017, article, book linkdownload


Kienitz, J. and Küpker, H., „Risikomanagement – Monte Carlo Methoden für Nicht-Gaußsche Verteilungen“
Schaeffer-Poeschel Verlag, February 2012


Kienitz, J. and Küpker, H., „Monte Carlo Methoden für das Risikomanagement im Treasury“
Gabler Verlag, May 2008

Introduction to C++ for Financial Engineering

Kienitz, J., „Monte Carlo Methods in Finance“
Duffy, D., Wiley 2006


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